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Four Lakes 100K Course Records:
Male: Manolito Divina – 13:05:47 – (2015)
Female:  Penny Nepomuceno – 18:26:09 – (2016)

Top 5 Fastest Male Runners:
1. Manolito Divina – 13:05:47 – (2015)
2. Jan Nilsen – 13:27:39 (2016)
3. Matthieu Rabiller (France) – 13:35:10 – (2014)
4. Gene Olvis – 13:51:28 – (2016)
5. Kristian Joergensen – 14:06:12 – (2016)

Top 5 Fastest Female Runners:
1. Penny Nepomuceno – 18:26:09 (2016)
2. Arlene Agulto – 19:42:42 (2016)
3. Del Guidaben – 20:00:25 – (2015)
4. Ellany Anlap – 21:25:09 – (2016)
5. Julie Ann Luchana – 22:06:21 – (2015)


Start: April 01, 2017, Saturday, 3:00 a.m. / Kayapa Central School
April 02, 2017, Sunday, 7:00 a.m. / Kayapa Central School
Awarding and Closing Ceremonies: April 2, 2017, Sunday, 8:00 a.m. / Kayapa Central School
Race Briefing and Race Kit Distribution: March 31, 2017, Friday, 2:00 p.m. Kayapa Central School


  • CUTOFF 1: Kayapa Proper East Market~35k (8:00:00 hours)
  • CUTOFF 2: Dayap Aid Station~56k (14:00:00 hours)
  • CUTOFF 3: Dayap Aid Station~82k (24:00:00 hours)
  • FINISH LINE: Kayapa Central School (28:00:00 hours)

***All runners must check out of the different Cut-off Points on or before the designated cut-off times whether or not they have refilled, eaten or accessed their drop bags or they will not be allowed to continue with the race.


Drop Bag Collection: March 31, 2017, Friday, 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. Kayapa Central School

  • There will only be one drop bag station at Dayap Aid Station.
  • All drop bags will be ready for retrieval at the finish line after the race.



  1. The runner must be 18 years of age at the time of the event.
  2. He/she must have officially finished ANY ONE of the following events: – A road or trail ultramarathon 50km or longer – A half (70.3) or full (140.6) triathlon
  3. Previous official finishers of OST50/OST65, Pulag 100K (P1), Four Lakes 100K (FL100) and Hardcore 100 Miles (H1), regardless of the year, are automatic qualifiers.(All results must be verifiable over the internet).

All participants must abide by the Race Rules and Guidelines.


Four Lakes 100K is worth 5 UTMB® points. Less than 5% of the route consists of concrete roads. The rest is all dirt roads, switchbacks, steep ascents and descents on natural surface.

FL100 runners will pass the Old Spanish Trail and conquer four summits and four lakes. They will share the same route with OST50 runners for the first half of the race.

From the Kayapa Municipal Hall, runners will start heading towards the trailhead in Talecabcab and ascend eight kilometers through a mix of dirt roads and intermittent stretches of concrete tire paths towards Indupit.

The climb ends at the INDUPIT JUNCTION where the ANSIPSIP foot trail starts (1866 masl).

Runners will proceed around 2km to the next landmark, BUNDAO (1835 masl, ~KM10) where AID STATION 1 will be located.
BUNDAO is seven kilometers away from Aid Station 2 at SADDLE/DOMOLPOS, so runners are strongly recommended to fill up their bladders/bottles and eat. On their way, runners will pass another landmark, the ANSIPSIP WAITING SHED /ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (1935 masl, ~KM15).

From there, runners must proceed to DOMOLPOS Village (1700 masl) where locals reside, and run up a single-track trail until the “SADDLE.” SADDLE/DOMOLPOS WAITING SHED JUNCTION (1763 masl) with a shed painted pink will serve as AID STATIONS 2 and 3, with runners passing it twice.

Spring water and trail food will be available. Runners will go about three kilometers towards the LUSOD AREA/BACUYAN JUNCTION (1770 masl) through a single-track trail. At BACUYAN, they must make a sharp left turn towards the MT. UGO SUMMIT MARKER via a 2-kilometer climb. UGO (2170 masl) is the FIRST SUMMIT. A marshal shall record every runner’s name, race number and time at the peak’s marker.

From the summit, runners should make their way back down to the SADDLE/DOMOLPOS WAITING SHED for two kilometers via a steep downhill dotted with switchbacks. After passing the SADDLE/DOMOLPOS WAITING SHED again, they will proceed to the picturesque OLD SPANISH TRAIL. The 11-kilometer, mostly downhill trail will lead to AID STATION 4 at the KAYAPA PROPER East Market.

All runners are strongly advised to eat, drink and refill here for the long grind ahead. This will be the last food station until Dayap. Kayapa Proper East Market is also CUTOFF POINT 1 (8:00:00 Hours). Runners who do not make the cut-off time will be disqualified and prevented from resuming the race.

From Kayapa Proper Market, runners will pass rice paddies and a hanging bridge on their way to Barangay AMELONG LABENG, which is marked by its barangay (village) hall, school, worship place and a basketball court.

The next landmark to the SECOND SUMMIT will be a cellular phone site tower. Runners will then exit at the Nueva Vizcaya-Benguet Road, turn left and proceed uphill on a concrete road to the entrance of CASTILLO VILLAGE which is marked by a huge welcome sign, a waiting shed and a World War II Memorial. The shed will be AID STATION 5.  Only water will be available here.

From the village trailhead, runners will proceed two kilometers to BUACA LAKE (Lake 1). A few hundred meters away will be Lake 2 (if not dry). This is also the THIRD SUMMIT. Runners will pass gardens descending to a “saddle” area before climbing to Dayap.
DAYAP PRIMARY SCHOOL is the DROP BAG STATION and serves as AID STATION 6 / 8 as runners will pass it twice. Hot food and water will be available here. This is also CUT-OFF POINT 2 (14:00:00).

A vehicle will be provided to ferry disqualified runners to the finish line. Runners qualified to continue must turn RIGHT towards the twin NAYAO LAKES (Lakes 3 and 4) and the trail that leads farther up to AMBASA/BANAO (FOURTH SUMMIT).

The turnaround will be at the BANAO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (AID STATION 7), where names and race numbers shall be recorded.

Runners will make their way again to DAYAP PRIMARY SCHOOL, CUT-OFF POINT 3 (24:00:00 hours), and the last AID STATION (#8).
Qualified runners will proceed for about three kilometers towards the PANGAWAN /BOUNDARY trailhead, enter the trail that leads to INDUPIT Village Junction and from this point, take the TALECABCAB TRAIL towards the finish line in Kayapa Central School.

GPX File:






PHP 4,000.00 for local entrants
USD 100.00 for foreign entrants

Inclusive of trail fees, event shirt, pre-race snacks and post-race meal.
Official finishers will receive a finisher’s token.


• Bank Deposit: (Local Entrants)
Bank of the Philippine Islands – Savings Account
Account No: 2379 0362 39
Account Name: Constante C Mendoza Jr
• Bank Deposit: (Foreign Entrants) Bank of the Philippine Islands – Savings Account
Account No: 2379 0362 39
Swift Code: BOPIPHMM
Account Name: Constante C Mendoza Jr
Please refer to your bank’s current PHP rate vis-a-vis USD.
Telephone contact number for record is 63 999 998 7654

• Write name, gender, birthday, nationality, and shirt size (see Asian sizing chart) AND qualifying race on the deposit slip, scan/photograph and email to (Subject: 2017FL100)
• Wait for an acknowledgment email to confirm your registration.