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Marathon Course Records:
Male: Dino Mantilez 4:07:38 (2013)
Female: Sandi Menchi Abahan, 4:57:08 (2016)

Half-Marathon Course Records:
Male: Marcelo Bautista 1:55:23 (2014)
Female: Sandi Menchi Abahan 2:14:08 (2013)

Mount Ugo Marathon Top 5 Fastest Male Runners:

  1. Dino Mantilez 4:07:38 (2013)
  2. Joel Bengtay 4:17:10 (2012)
  3. Danin Arenzana 4:29:58 (2013)
  4. James Tellias 4:30:05 (2013)
  5. Mark Carlo Villafuerte 4:36:36 (2013)

Mount Ugo Marathon Top 5 Fastest Female Runners:

  1. Sandi Menchi Abahan 4:57:08 (2016)
  2. Sandi Menchi Abahan 5:29:41 (2014)
  3. Penny Nepomuceno 5:40:05 (2016)
  4. Rashel Peña 5:59:18 (2016)
  5. Gretchen Felipe 6:02:09 (2013)


Start: February 19, 2017, Sunday, 4:00 a.m. / Kayapa Central School
Finish: February 19, 2017, Sunday, 2:00 p.m. / Kayapa Central School

Awarding and Closing Ceremonies: February 19, 2017, 2:30 p.m.

Race Briefing and Race Kit Distribution:
February 18, 2017, Saturday, 2:00 p.m. / Kayapa Central School


Marathon: Ten (10:00:00) Hours / February 19, 2017, Sunday, 2:00 p.m.
(Runners must reach the turnaround in Mount Ugo Summit in 5:00:00 hours / 9:00 a.m.)

Half Marathon: Five (5:00:00) Hours / February 19, 2017, Sunday, 9:00 a.m.


1. There will be NO drop bag stations.
2. A baggage counter at the start/finish line will be available.
3. NO support vehicles are allowed at any point of the race.


1. Every participant must be at least 18 years of age on race day.
2. He/She must have officially finished at least one 21-kilometer road or trail race. (Results must be verifiable over the internet)

All participants must abide by the Race Rules and Guidelines.


A special award awaits any runner who will finish the marathon in 2:59:59 hours or better.




Mount Ugo is one of the taller peaks in the Cordillera mountain range. It used to be the main source of lumber for a mining company operating in Benguet many years ago and was purportedly “discovered” as a destination for mountain climbers after a tragic plane crash in 1987 for which it is also infamously known.

The marathon takes runners to Mount Ugo’s summit, approximately 2170 masl.

The out-and-back course consists of only one kilometer or less of concrete road. The rest of the route consists of mountain-side dirt roads and single-track trails.

The race is worth 2 UTMB® points.

Both the marathon and half marathon start at the KAYAPA MUNICIPAL HALL and finish at the KAYAPA CENTRAL SCHOOL (1121 masl).

From the start area, runners ascend a concrete road for about two hundred meters before entering the trailhead going to TALECABCAB.

They will pass dirt roads and intermittent stretches of concrete tire paths until they reach TALECABCAB WAITING SHED. From there, they are to proceed towards INDUPIT (1866 masl, 8 kilometers) which is marked by a small settlement and another waiting shed.

The next landmark is BUNDAO AID STATION (1835 masl, 10 kilometers), where runners will find two structures – a shed and a house. Assorted food/snacks and drinks will be available. This is the LAST aid station before SADDLE/DOMOLPOS STATION (7 kilometers away) so runners are strongly advised to fill up their bladders/water bottles and eat here.

Half marathon (21-kilometer) runners must proceed about 500 meters more until they reach the turnaround point at MOUNT SAMENTO WAITING SHED, where marshals will record their numbers. They shall make their way back to the finish line in KAYAPA CENTRAL SCHOOL via INDUPIT/ANSIPSIP Trail and TALECABCAB Trail (the same route they took going up in reverse).

Marathon runners will tackle the wide, open trails from this point. Their next landmark will be the ANSIPSIP WAITING SHED (1935 masl, 12 kilometers) which offers a view of the Mt. Ugo summit turnaround, even the city of Baguio, on a clear day.

DOMOLPOS VILLAGE (1700 masl), where locals reside, is the next landmark. From here, runners assault a single-track trail until the SADDLE.

SADDLE/DOMOLPOS WAITING SHED JUNCTION (1763 masl, 17 kilometers) is where another aid station is located. The shed won’t be hard to miss as it is painted pink. Spring water and assorted trail food will be available. Runners are advised to refill and eat here.

Runners will proceed around three kilometers towards the LUSOD AREA/BACUYAN JUNCTION (1770 masl, 20 kilometers) through a single-track trail.

At BACUYAN, runners will make a U-TURN towards the MT. UGO SUMMIT MARKER via a steep two-kilometer climb.

Runners’ times will be recorded at the MT. UGO SUMMIT MARKER (2170 masl, 21.2 kilometers).

From the summit, runners are to trace the same route they took going up in reverse till they make it to the finish line in KAYAPA CENTRAL SCHOOL.

GPX Profile:


PhP 2,000.00 for local entrants
USD 50.00 for foreign entrants

Half Marathon:
PhP 1,500.00 for local entrants
USD 35.00 for foreign entrants

Inclusive of trail fees, event shirt, pre-race snacks and post-race meal.
Official finishers will receive a finisher’s token.


• Bank Deposit: (Local Entrants)
Bank of the Philippine Islands – Savings Account
Account No: 2379 0362 39
Account Name: Constante C Mendoza Jr

• Bank Deposit: (Foreign Entrants)
Bank of the Philippine Islands – Savings Account
Account No: 2379 0362 39
Swift Code: BOPIPHMM
Account Name: Constante C Mendoza Jr
Please refer to your bank’s current PHP rate vis-a-vis USD.
Telephone contact number for record is 63 999 998 7654

• Write name, gender, birthday, nationality, and shirt size (see Asian sizing chart) AND qualifying race on the deposit slip, scan/photograph and email to (Subject: 2017 MUM)

• Wait for an acknowledgment email to confirm your registration.